jueves, agosto 31, 2006

Sucking on a new lollypop

It was the perfect plan.

A bunch of thieves managing a country suddenly became aware that people won't suck on their lollypops anymore.

So, they negociate with one "opposition" party and buy protection in exchange of the "political control" of the country.

Then, the new government is allowed by that alliance to continue with the old corrupted practices and better yet, to innovate in the art of robbing the whole nation.

New lollypops.

New lollypops with a rotten core. Now they can't stop, and they are able to steal elections, lie instinctively and kill people. Their own people. Mafia style.

Now, with the assasination of an executive of ISOSA, a PRI legacy, an obscure "private" company built with public funds, collecting tax fees on any imported goods and generating enormous profits, common Mexicans now understand another reason why there is not enough money in their homes, why food and services are more expensive every time and almost unreachable.

And the PRIAN people hypocritically asks before TV cameras: Why are they angry?

Carlos Salinas, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón, Marta Saghún, Elba Esther Gordillo, Francisco Gil Díaz, Luis Carlos Ugalde, Santiago Creel, Manuel Espino, Mariano Azuela.

If any of these guys openened a day care, would you trust them with your children?

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