sábado, septiembre 23, 2006

The wedding

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I just got married two moths ago. It was far from home.

La Boda is a Short film about leaving your birthplace and, after a long time, getting back to realize that you were ungrateful to your family and your land and that trying to forget it was a mistake.

And because a wedding is a day in which everything happens in a Mexican family is possible, a wedding is the time when the man in this story begins to think about it.

I wrote this story after I got back to Monterrey from Sacramento, California in 1998. It wasn't intended to be a short film, but when the time came to go back to the USA, I thought it was a good idea to work on this short film.

I filmed it in Mexico, in a beautiful town named Santiago, Nuevo León. It is the place where the people of Monterrey go to take a break from the noisy city. The church is a beautiful structure with the enchantment of its tall stairway. This region of the state is particulary green, with nice forests, rivers and waterfalls.

I took my time to complete the edition of this short. It began in Taxas, where I lived for a month and a half. Then, we moved to California, where I'm happily writing this. I'm now living with my kids and wife in the house of mi patient and caring sister in law, in Yuba City. Here, I had the time and quiet I needed to finish the post-production of La Boda.

Marriage hasn't altered the great relationship I have with my new wife, whom I have lived with since 10 years ago. I think, marriage should not be over rated. It means nothing in terms of love. It is only useful in the material world.

La Boda reflects my thinking and experience and it was a pleasure to share a nice day of production with my friends Sergio (Checo) González and Homero Santos.

I hope you enjoy it.