viernes, agosto 11, 2006

Amor sin Anestesia

Seventeen years ago, I wrote a play named Amor sin Anestesia, or Love Without Anesthesia.

As a teenager I had very bad luck with girls, maybe because I was very thin, wore brackets and had very long ears. Wow, that explains!

Well, based on my own dramatic reality, Amor sin Anestesia was a real hit among my highschool mates. There was a full theatre in the debut and the play was a big success!

Several years later, in 1994, I bought my first VHS camera (a Magnavox Easy Cam). I called the original cast to record the play on video, so we could sell it to broadcast TV and then become rich and famous. Well, some of those things occured, some did not. And some of the original cast made it with the video and some didn't.

Later I will show you some of the original programs we used during the first live representations, as well as some newspaper clippings from those years.

I estimated the total cost of the production at about 500 mexican pesos ($500 US dlls.) The set was an old house in downtown San Nicolás de los Garza.

Everybody was very generous with the production. I didn't pay for their participation and I was a headache for all of them, pushing hard to get the performances exactly as I wanted.

Oh, boy, those times.

Enjoy it!







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